My science writing at Forbes


ISOLDE laser

Credit:  CERN

In 2017 I became a science contributor at Forbes online, and it’s been extremely interesting and a lot of fun to cover nanotechnology and biology for them.

You can find my full list of stories here at Forbes Science.

Here are some of my favorite posts so far:

Urban Life Aquatic: A Discovery In Paris Reveals A Huge Ecosystem Hidden In Plain Sight

A new biological discovery in the gutters of Paris adds to the rise of urban ecology


How The Scent Of Blood Attracts Predators, Alerts Prey, And Enhances Your Visual Perception

An ancient warning signal in blood has a curious effect on your senses


Winter Wonders: The Remarkable Science Of Reindeer

Some curious facts about reindeer, including what the reindeer genome now tells us, why reindeer eyes change color during winter and why Rudolph might be considered a biosecurity problem


Kevlar Joints: Nano-Scale Version Of Bulletproof Material Could Replace Cartilage

The unique properties cartilage are extremely hard to mimic, but these extremely strong nanofibers might just do the trick


Two Birds With One Proton Beam: CERN Now Makes Radioisotopes For Medical Research

A particle accelerator facility famous for its endeavors in fundamental physics is now helping medical researchers


This Fungus Threatens To Give Us A World Without Coffee

A tenacious fungus is threatening the global coffee supply. Can genetics save our morning cup?


Nanowrinkles In The Sea: How An Experiment In Sydney Harbor Could Help Reduce Global CO2 Emissions

Something very interesting happens when you put a nanoscale layer of Teflon on shrink wrap then heat it, and it could be very good news for marine life and global fuel consumption.


Can We Track Malaria And Zika By Sound? 

Researchers have developed an algorithm that distinguishes mosquito species by sound, allowing anyone with a phone to help monitor the global mosquito population



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