The Best Australian Science Writing 2015

Joy and much excitement!



I’m thrilled that my writing has been selected for inclusion in The Best Australian Science Writing 2015! The anthology is edited by Bianca Nogrady and published by NewSouth Books, and was launched this week.  I can’t wait to hold my copy in my hot little hands.  The fact that I’m not currently holding it is entirely my own fault for moving house and forgetting to tell NewSouth Books where to send my copy, as if they were supposed to just sense my location somehow.  So I must wait a little longer for mail-forwarding to do its thing. I’m not finding the wait easy, not simply because of the tangibility, that buzz of physically holding a published story, but also because the whole thing promises to be a great read — I mean just look at that list of contributors. I’ve found myself in some wonderful company here.

The Best Australian Science Writing 2015 is available now from NewSouth Books and will soon be available internationally on Amazon.  Happy reading!



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